Mistletoe Winery – Why no Wine Club? – Explained


The owners of Mistletoe,Gwen and Ken Sloan, have been immersed in tasting, learning about, and producing wine for over 50 years.

In the interests of serving their customers better they decided that they would abandon the idea of the industry wide approach of signing wine lovers up for “Wine Club Memberships” and getting them to commit to receiving regular deliveries of wine.

Ken and Gwen knew from their own experiences with this type of membership system ,and comments from many customers, that quite often the wines delivered were not up to expectation or did not suit their tastes.



Mistletoe sends out 3 to 4 “NO OBLIGATION” newsletters each year and also contacts consenting recipients by email.

• There is NO OBLIGATION TO BUY , and we do not
• HOLD YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS on file after your order has been fulfilled.
• YOU GET TO CHOOSE THE WINE YOU WISH TO PURCHASE and are more than welcome to visit Mistletoe to taste and try before you buy.
The best part for you, the consumer, is that these newsletters,and emails, offer Mistletoe Wines to you at discounted prices commensurate to CLUB PRICES AT OTHER WINERIES.

The other major advantage for you, the customer, is that Mistletoe’s New Releases are offered to mail list members prior to being placed on sale in the cellar door.

The Mistletoe approach is to give the consumer a completely open ended arrangement with no PRESSURE SELLING and NO COMPULSION TO BUY.


Mistletoe has pegged its production and is nearing the goal of selling out the wine produced on a year to year basis.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to join our no obligation mail list and judge the value of Mistletoe Wines firsthand.

Remember we offer a money back guarantee for the wines we sell.
If you find fault with, or don’t like, any of the wines you have ordered, or purchased, contact us and we shall arrange collection and a full refund for any unopened wines.
When our mail list discounts are factored in we think you will not find a fairer deal with any other winery especially on a value to quality ratio.


Sign up to become a Mistletoe Member today and start receiving Extra Special pricing all year round on Mistletoe’s fantastic range of wines. Remember there is no obligation to purchase. If you wish, you may purchase what you want, and when you want it.