The Winery Team

Mistletoe is not just a Cellar door, it is a genuine grape-growing and winemaking enterprise with all wine being made onsite in Mistletoe’s modern purpose built winery.

The word “Cellar” historically means “ a winery” with the words Cellar Door meaning that you could literally buy wine at the winery direct from the “Cellar Door”

In recent times this real meaning of Cellar Door has been bastardised and is now freely applied to all sorts of wine businesses some of which have neither a vineyard, nor a winery, or in some cases, neither of these.

It is our belief that Hunter Wine Country visitors come to the Hunter to meet and engage with people who are actually hands on grape-growers and winemakers, not to visit bottle shops.

Our winemaker, Scott Stephens heads up the winery team and has had a long and distinguished winemaking career having spent over 20 years in the Hunter Valley.

Scott has worked with McWilliams Mount Pleasant, Tower Estate, Capercaillie , Mount View etc. and has been responsible for some absolutely fantastic Hunter wines.

As well as being a winemaker, Scott is a hands on viticulturist and, as such, has a great knowledge and understanding of the grape-growing cycle and vineyard maintenance.

Scott is ably assisted in the winery by Ken and Gwen’s son Robert,their granddaughter Jessica as well as Ken pitching in to do whatever is necessary at vintage time.

Robert also takes great pride in the pruning and maintenance of the vineyard, which now mature, produces consistently high quality grapes on an annual basis.

It is a small but hard working crew used to long hot days and nights with a whole lot of fun thrown in.

Mistletoe celebrates its 30th year in 2019 and also its 27th Vintage.

The knowledge accumulated by our team over the years shows in the quality of the wines that wear the Mistletoe brand.

If the grapes,or wine, don’t meet our standards we cut our losses and don’t proceed any further.

It has taken us a long time to earn and enjoy the reputation our wines attract and we will not jeopardise that in any way by producing an inferior product.