Hunter Wine Country Expressway

The brand new Hunter Expressway opened on Saturday March 22nd after a few construction delays and years of planning and development.

It is a fantastic road with 52 bridges and required over 5 million cubic metres of earthworks. It is a modern engineering marvel.

For those of you who love visiting Mistletoe it is going to be a lot easier,safer, and faster from now on.

No need to drive through any towns or villages,you won’t be held up by traffic or slow moving vehicles and, as the expressway,for the most part, passes through rural countryside,it is a much more scenic route than that through Cessnock.

Don’t be fooled by the signs at the old exit which proclaim it is less kilometres to go the old Freeman’s Waterholes, Cessnock , route.

Try the expressway once and make you own mind up as to the best route to take.

The hunter Expressway is definitely the best and quickest way to to get to Hermitage Road,Mistletoe and the Around Hermitage area.

To get to Mistletoe from Sydney just continue north on the M1 past the old turn off to Freemans Waterhole  until you reach the Newcastle Link road flyover ( approx.. 10 minutes further).

Turn left at the flyover and then bear left onto  the M15, Hunter Expressway / Singleton exit.

Stay on the Hunter Expressway M15 until it joins the New England Highway – A15 just West of Branxton.

The Hermitage road exit is the 3rd on your left (approx.   5 kms from the end of the expressway)

Hermitage Road is one of the prettiest entrances to the Valley and also the least congested.

The new road will cut at least 20-25  minutes from the travel time to the Hunter from Newcastle and approx. 10-15 minutes from Sydney,Central Coast and  is a much safer option than the old entrance to the Valley.

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