Bubbly Mozcato 2018

Not a concocted wine like so many Australian Moscatos.
Made from the same grape variety as used  in Italy to make Moscato.
Beautifully fresh,fragrant and spicy on the nose with intense tropical fruit flavours on the palate.
Not too sweet with harmonious balance between the sweetness and acidity.
It is great just served well chilled as an aperitif or at the end of a meal with fresh fruit and cheese.
One for “The Witching Hour” girls!
FYI: Witching hour? That time between the kids coming inside for the night and Dad arriving home from work.

N.B.This wine is bottled under a purpose built screwcap developed especially for effervescent wines.
It is easier to open,convenient and is easy to reseal in case it doesn’t all disappear when first opened.



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